Efficiency Is Like Cooking BBQ

I find the obsession over efficiency to be a bit confusing.

Russian Doll House.

Maslow's hierarchy is really interesting, it kind of lists out the tools you need to maximize your health and your life.

But it is a pyramid and it has this built in assumption that you're starting from a blank slate.

What if you aren't starting from a blank slate?


Animation Methods

Collecting animation techniques; I may have some fun and experiment with these some day:


Forensics at (Cosmic) Scale

The advancements in archeological forensics has made some really impressive progress lately. Here are some notes based on the large amount of talks, NOVA episodes and various documentaries I've watched this year. But first two points:

Some favorite engineering graphs about truth

Three graphs I find extraordinarily useful because they are very dense and teach many useful terms in a very clear way all at once.

Data Science Map.

A work towards organizing and mapping out the toolset needed for my career and various projects. The focus this year has been filling in gaps around dataviz and significantly augmenting my data modeling skills. Some work left there around network and dynamic systems. Decision modeling is a new concept to me and needs maturity.

Network Maps Analysis

I was interested in a genealogy of music genres using Wikipedia as a reference. I had some success, no doubt more to learn.


  1. The only real power is force (including coercion)
  2. The only good power is respect
  3. All other power is by agreement or convention

Law Spectrum

Thoughts on different ways societies deal with crime. Their general disposition. Needs some work, especially at the ends. Particularly since I am not sure what the x-axis indicates.

A Part of the Music

First there was the sound of the instrument, and it was thought that is all there was to music.

Then songs were composed and the song became a part of music.

Then songs became segments of larger works and these compositions became a part of music.

Then the musicians (and conductors) gave music their own interpretation and the performances they made became a part of music.

Then the studio was invented and now the treatment of the instrument and how music was produced and recorded became a part of music.



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