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Video Storage Array

In a couple years I would like to build out a storage array for a hifi video installation. There are three primary goals:

  • Capacity: I would like to store 200 bluray movies, overmargined by 50%.
  • Performance: It must be able to stream unencrypted and remuxed 4k bluray content
  • Cost: In the age of Netflix, it makes sense that this should be dead cheap.

200 discs, overprovisioned by 50% is 300 movies.

Photography Process (Flow)

I put this map together of all the decisions to be made when setting up a shot:

It includes setting the scene, choosing the optics, proper exposure, shutter release and post-processing.

Data Science Tool Comparison

I have several new goals in my professional life:

  • increase my productivity substantially
  • communicate my points powerfully and clearly
  • increase the quality of my work through insight

The only way to do this is to a) significantly increase the amount of calculations and b) automate detection and presentation of that data. To do this I need data science tools that are flexible, scalable and fast to use.

So I ran a comparison of everything that is relevant to my work and these are the flows I came up with:

Is The Path To General AI Clear?

A lot of progress has been made in AI lately. Any application that could benefit from automation or benefits from increasing the amount of data you can process has had some kind of AI attached to it. Because automation requires intelligence to work discussion about robots involves AI as well. Automotive, finance, internet searches, music channels, advertising and product suggestions, news sites, lots of business apps that require decision making, etc.

Autonomous Vehicle Safety

How will we know autonomous vehicles are trustworthy and safe? How does the government approve a vehicle for a particular category? Is there independent review? Can it be broken down and easily understandable so regular people can compare vehicles side by side? Until that happens all we can do is wait and see. Eventually we will have statistics on vehicle collisions, injuries/fatalities, etc and which autonomous cares are best.

Pace of Technology

I remember growing up and in my home my family would frequently encounter the difficulties or annoyances of life and remark, "if only someone would invent a thing to". Sometimes we wished for straight up science fiction but most of the time we wished for things that, with some effort, could be made to happen.

Most people would say that the 80s and 90s were marked with the rapid introduction of computer technology. But I'd argue that it was also marked with total stagnation in just about every single already mature industry, particularly for end users.

Ultimate Wireless Headphones

I live in an urban environment and as such I am often walking, into and out of cars, buildings, etc and so I frequently listen to music on my headphones. I also travel work my work and some of those flights can be very long. As such I want to have noise cancellation to my headphones. I also want to increase the usability of my current headphones. The cord can be annoying but I also can't take calls on them or control music playback. I want all of this without compromising the fidelity of the playback. I want my cake and eat it too... but what does that look like?

Rugged Watch Criteria

Watches are jewelry and as a result there is a wide variation both in price and quality. I'd love to perform a study and scatter map price and quality. The most you could hope for is a straight line: higher price results in higher quality. But in reality I think what you'd end up with is a cloud with very little statistical correlation. Even if you were able to normalize for precious metals or technologies that lend themselves to aesthetics rather than robustness I don't think if would make much of a difference.

Correcting A Broken Google Play Games Installation on Nvidia Shield TV with accounts using Google Suite

Some time ago I had some kind of error or corruption with my Google Play Games on my Nvidia Shield TV console. I am also a Google Suite (GSuite) subscriber which adds additional constraints. Any time I chose to log into google games the system would log in but then the game could not detect the log in. It was odd and I knew the issue was probably a local error. As it turns out there are a lot of hidden secrets that you need to check / setup before it all works. And any games you've played so far will probably lose their unsynced data.

Linear Algebra in Engineering: Summary (Part 7 of 7)

This series is aimed at providing tools for an electrical engineer to analyze data and solve problems in design. The focus is on applying linear algebra to systems of equations or large sets of matrix data.

This article will attempt to organize the previous series of articles into a decision tree allowing you to quickly choose the best method for a particular problem.

First, ask yourself some questions about your data and the type of answer you need.


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