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Purposeful Use Of Space.

As part of my work on the blueprint I realized I was being so aware of my use of time and resources but nearly oblivious to my use of space. Space is the most fundamental resource. And about as abundant as time! If you've started a project, opened a business, built a factory what is the first thing you do? You clear off space, buy land, lease floor space. Then what do you do? You organize that space. You split up and carve up that space by function and need. You arrange these chunks so they connect in a contiguous, smooth way that flows and conforms to your particular needs.

At the same time I have decided to move out of my apartment. It is small. Not by big city standards but I have way outgrown it and let's be honest living in small spaces has hamstringed my desires and ambitions for many, many years now. I've been stifled and blocked simply because I did not have the correct environment and resources to execute my life plan to its fullest.

So with those two things I have taken my blueprint, my architectonic and my mission statements and mapped them onto functional "blocks". These in turn have been mapped onto dedicated, physical spaces. The net result here is a very clear map of not only what I do, but where I do it.

What I find interesting is that having dedicated spaces for things really brings to focus what is my purpose far more clearly and at hand than I ever have. This is kind of the opposite of "out of sight, out of mind". And it brings a tangible, graspable version of my vision/mission statement that is far easier to recall than a document or list of bullet points.

  • Garage (Vehicle Area)
    • Car Park
  • Garage (Fitness Area)
    • Bar and Calisthenics Equipment
    • Conditioning
    • Storage (Equipment and Mini-Fridge)
  • Garage (Storage Area)
    • Archival and Media
    • Supplies and Materials
    • Food (Dry and Refrigerated)
  • Garage (Workshop Area)
    • Photo/Videography
    • Wood/Plastic/Metal Work
    • Glass
    • Electronics
    • Packing and Shipping
  • Office
    • Life and Finance Management
    • Design (Hardware)
    • Design (Art)
    • Design (Scientific)
    • Design (Household)
  • Library
    • Study
    • Think and Reflect
    • Relax
    • Meditate
    • Storage (Books)
  • Social Room
    • Entertain (Food)
    • Entertain (Social)
    • Entertain (Film and Music)
  • Dining Room
    • Entertain (Formal)
    • Entertain (Social)
  • Outdoors
    • Entertain (Food)
    • Entertain (Social)
    • Food (Farming)
  • Kitchen
    • Food (Prep)
    • Food (Cooking)
    • Food (Baking)
    • Food (Finishing)
    • Storage (Fresh)
    • Storage (Seasoning)
    • Storage (Tools)
    • Wash and Clean
  • Pantry
    • Storage (Dry)
    • Storage (Dishware)
    • Storage (Cold)
    • Storage (Freeze)
    • Storage (Tools)
  • Bedroom
    • Sleep
    • Dress
  • Wardrobe
    • Clothes, Jackets, Shoes and Belts
    • Watches
    • Cologne
    • Laundry Basket
  • Laundry
    • Storage (Textiles)
    • Storage (Pillows, Rugs and Blankets)
    • Laundry
    • Cleaning Supplies & Tools
  • Bathroom
    • Hygiene
    • First Aid

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