Autonomous Vehicle Safety

How will we know autonomous vehicles are trustworthy and safe? How does the government approve a vehicle for a particular category? Is there independent review? Can it be broken down and easily understandable so regular people can compare vehicles side by side? Until that happens all we can do is wait and see. Eventually we will have statistics on vehicle collisions, injuries/fatalities, etc and which autonomous cares are best.

Pace of Technology

I remember growing up and in my home my family would frequently encounter the difficulties or annoyances of life and remark, "if only someone would invent a thing to". Sometimes we wished for straight up science fiction but most of the time we wished for things that, with some effort, could be made to happen.

Most people would say that the 80s and 90s were marked with the rapid introduction of computer technology. But I'd argue that it was also marked with total stagnation in just about every single already mature industry, particularly for end users.

Ultimate Wireless Headphones

I live in an urban environment and as such I am often walking, into and out of cars, buildings, etc and so I frequently listen to music on my headphones. I also travel work my work and some of those flights can be very long. As such I want to have noise cancellation to my headphones. I also want to increase the usability of my current headphones. The cord can be annoying but I also can't take calls on them or control music playback. I want all of this without compromising the fidelity of the playback. I want my cake and eat it too... but what does that look like?

Accuracy in Design

What is the best method for tightly controlling accuracy in your design?

Step 1. Determine the scope of the problem

Reliability, Availability and Serviceability

Reliability, Availability and Serviceability (RAS) are related to a products ability to deliver its intended functionality. Essentially how long and how well.

Reliability: is the ability (i.e. probability) of a device to provide correct outputs, given a specific operating environment.
Availability: is the likelihood (i.e. probability) of a device to be available for usage at a given time.
Serviceability: is the efficacy of a device to be repaired.

3 Stages of Technology Development

  1. Step 1: Establish goals, attach figures to critical requirements then brainstorm ideas. Sort fixable vs unfixable.
  2. Step 2: Establish detailed requirements and investigate remaining solutions. Get familiar with each technology/solution. Brainstorm implementations. Choose the best solution.
  3. Step 3: Dive deep, test, iterate and establish complete documentation.

Hierarchy of Integrity

I've been thinking a lot lately about health, safety and security. I think originally I was interested in studying ideas around the environment and the environment's impact on me and also my impact on the environment. My focus here was on capturing all the possible bad things that can happen and then how to mitigate, detect and prevent them. But unexpectedly I found that it also tied in with another hot topic for me lately: respect and integrity.

Finding the Pattern.

I love graphs, plots and charts. There is something almost magical about their ability to ask a question, analyze it and make a point all in one place.

I think that's why I love to visualize data. I love how powerful the perfect graph can be by allowing you to quickly and deeply grasp a concept (especially for large data sets) by telling a story and using the eye to draw your attention to the right places. Our minds are great at seeing trends and patterns in data when it is visualized.

Effect of Room Correction on Home Theater Performance.

Is room correction worth it? Additional processing introduces new artifacts. But it also corrects others caused by room modes and reflections. I think a (somewhat) quantitative look at the numbers will help answer this question.

So what does room correction address?

  • Amplitude response over frequency (frequency response) caused by room modes and speaker/system defects
  • Transient response caused by room reflections or phase distortion in drive electronics and speakers

And what does it introduce?


I am almost all the way through Ken Burn's "Vietnam". I've watched every episode twice and I am blown away at how visceral, gritty and real it feels from my couch. And it has changed me.


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