Music Stats

I pulled my Amarok music database data to see what kind of things I could learn about my music collection. I imported a CSV into google sheets and from there it was quite easy. If I ever pull new data I can paste it in and it will automatically generate new graphs.



Data Science Tool Comparison

I have several new goals in my professional life:

  • increase my productivity substantially
  • communicate my points powerfully and clearly
  • increase the quality of my work through insight

The only way to do this is to a) significantly increase the amount of calculations and b) automate detection and presentation of that data. To do this I need data science tools that are flexible, scalable and fast to use.

So I ran a comparison of everything that is relevant to my work and these are the flows I came up with:

What is Music?

There are many different sounds people have intentionally created.. music of course being the one that comes to mind. But others are used for signaling or for something utilitarian, usually guidance through something like a religious or military ceremony.


Personal Finance Software

I have been using KMyMoney for almost 10 years. It never occurred to me until recently that there might be something new, something better. Is there? What could they offer that KMyMoney does not? I've always considered KMyMoney to be pretty good, let's see what these solutions can do.


Nobody is Perfect

All the events in the news last year has revived thinking on punishment, justice and forgiveness. Especially those who have produced major works for humankind.

There are a lot of factors and there is a lot of injustice. It can be easy to say that there is so much injustice we should just punish all these abusers and criminals with no possibility of forgiveness or reentry into society.

But is that appropriate? Is every bad person a monster that should be locked away, deprived of a way to make a living and opportunity for social connection?

Is The Path To General AI Clear?

A lot of progress has been made in AI lately. Any application that could benefit from automation or benefits from increasing the amount of data you can process has had some kind of AI attached to it. Because automation requires intelligence to work discussion about robots involves AI as well. Automotive, finance, internet searches, music channels, advertising and product suggestions, news sites, lots of business apps that require decision making, etc.


Some ideas and requirements for building out a shop.

Hot Shop:

  • furnace
  • pipe warmers
  • marvers
  • slots
  • benches
  • annealer
  • shop tools area
  • prep area/tables
  • cold shop (tbd)

Shop infrastructure:

  • electricity (panels and storage)
  • natural gas
  • propane tanks and distribution
  • compressed air drops
  • hvac and ventilation

Building infrastructure:


Budget Breakdown

Basic structure to breaking down your budget. I tried to make it as complete (and generic) as possible so it looks expansive and large but I think people at all income levels should follow this strategy:

The one main drawback is that fixed, variable and disposable income go into the same account which is not very ideal at all. Everything else is well derisked and protected but not the fixed expenses. I will have to revisit this at some point.



Jotting down some ideas for a dream home:

General Overview:


Does Population Dictate GDP per Capita?

I have been learning how to use Google Sheets analytical tools (including the Statistics and Merge Sheets plugin) and while practicing I thought it would be the perfect time to answer a question I have been wanting to know: does population dictate GDP per capita?

The steps were as follows:


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