Why Warm Up?

Benefits of a good warm up

  1. Increases blood flow to muscles
  2. Increases heart rate
  3. Resets your mobility, plasticity
  4. Refreshes your Mind-Muscle connection
  5. Spot checks for injury
  6. Raises body temp

What is a good warm up?
Targets major muscle groups and joints, works in the several planes, includes rotation and is not too long.

Debugging Reference

Some ideas for debugging things:

Levels of Signal Processing.

Levels of Processing (to audio, images, video):

Notes on Sensor Design.

Designing for sensor accuracy:

  • ask yourself if you need absolute, relative or null measurement
  • ask yourself if you need direct or indirect measurement
  • ask yourself what precision and accuracy you need
  • draw out and define the system
  • with those answers in mind choose your sense methodology
  • then choose your sensor+detector
  • calculate the output equation that calculates the output from the input
  • add all the sources of error to that equation

Some things to consider:

Thermal Physics Questions.

An ongoing list of questions about thermal physics...

- What is temperature? What is heat? How does that relate to energy (Joules)? Why work with temperature at all and not just joules? Is it fundamental or more anthropomorphic?

- Is 'heat' a distinct source or form of energy? Or is it just an old misunderstanding of other forces (e.g. lattice vibration)? Then what causes heat? What causes energy?

- How does total internal energy relate to it's temperature? how come we don't need mc^2 for temperature?

Improving Power Supply Thermal Performance.

Ideas for managing heat issues in power supply electronics:

In general the approach falls under:

Home Energy Consumption Estimate.

A quick estimate of power consumption if I put in a small/mid business infrastructure.

Energy Estimate:

Purposeful Use Of Space.

As part of my work on the blueprint I realized I was being so aware of my use of time and resources but nearly oblivious to my use of space. Space is the most fundamental resource. And about as abundant as time! If you've started a project, opened a business, built a factory what is the first thing you do? You clear off space, buy land, lease floor space. Then what do you do? You organize that space. You split up and carve up that space by function and need. You arrange these chunks so they connect in a contiguous, smooth way that flows and conforms to your particular needs.

Blueprint for Success.

What would it take to have total agency over one's life? Total awareness, total focus, always there at the tip of your fingertips and the tip of your tongue?

What are the foundations, that once laid, unlock and enable a person to have the biggest impact on humanity, to maximize their potential?

Ego vs Ambition.

I was thinking about purpose and amibition and how, on the outside, that could look a lot like ego. And I realized that ego is just drive without a purpose. It's an obsession with yourself. And it can be easy to fall into that trap. But I think that if we stay focused on our goals, on our purpose whatever that may be, and to remember to help others rather than help ourselves we can avoid being an egotistical person. And also, that a strong sense of self and belief in yourself and your mission are not bad things.


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