Web Access Optimization

I host web services (for fun) which receive essentially zero attention from the public (which is fine). Consequently most of the traffic to my host are bots. I have limited upstream bandwidth and so I would like to understand and (where necessary) filter that traffic.

SOHO Router Checklist

Steps to setting up (from scratch) an OPNsense router in a SOHO setting. They are NOT in order, rather by subject. Assumes you have a network plan in place. Also assumes a single router, with no HA type setups.


  1. Hardware assembly and bringup
  2. BIOS setup
  3. Implement maintenance (cron)
  4. Implement Event and Statistics Logging
  5. Implement Monitors, Reporting, Analysis and Alerting (e.g. ntopng, monit, munin)


Network Protection and Efficiency Hierarchy

It is important to protect your data (e.g. financial data, passwords) and yourself (e.g. succuming to fraud). If you run any network services then you want to protect those as well (e.g. hacking).

It is also helpful to make your network traffic efficient. For this article I am assuming that you are running a dual stack network (ala IPv4 and IPv6) and that your WAN connection is somewhat limited in bandwidth.

Fearful Thinking

Saw Dune 2 and reminded of the "Litany Against Fear". What should our relationship with fear be? How should we prepare for it and how should we respond when it appears? Should we attempt to eliminate the feeling from our lives?

Do we need an 8k display?

Or is a 4k display good enough? I'm not sure I have the tools to work this out mathematically but we can start with some basics. I'm also not sure about the effects of distance vs resolution.

Tree leaves in a canopy are going to be our example.

An HD display is 1920x1080. Displaying a 15ft wide canopy on an HD display results in 94mil/pixel (15*12*1000/1920) across the width.

Vim Concept Map

I thought I would expand my vim command knowledge and the only way for this to work is to group the commands (there are so many of them). What I thought would be half a dozen at most ended up being three times that:

Trappings of Corporate Socialization

Corporations are powerful, useful and fascinating inventions full of the trappings of humans and are the embodiment of some of the tensions of what it is to be a person. They can be safe. They can be ruthless. Some people bristle at the thought of a cube farm and I think some people prefer the safety of a corporate environment.


A list of rhetoric topics to master:

  • Speaking Ability and Articulation
  • Language Comprehension
  • Narration
  • Storytelling
  • Humor
  • Persuasion
  • Negotiation
  • Conflict Resolution

An Updated Drake Equation

The original Drake equation is essentially correct but it might be more useful if it were broken down into finer steps. Each step being achievable and measurable as we learn more about the universe.

constraints: milky way only, and ignoring the possiblity of marine life in "frozen" bodies like Io

2023 Architectonic

Brief Comments
Work in progress Architectonic.

The original is here.

The following objectives may be pursued:


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