Long Term Completed Projects.

A list of long term projects I've completed over the years.

There are many, many more that are still in progress.

Life Planning:
- Create finances/retirement platform
- Create life plan
- Reach 1st and 2nd FIRE goal
- Pay off truck
- Pay off car

Career and Craft:
- High School Diploma
- Bachelors Electrical Engineering
- Study engineering (post graduation) (Version 1)

- Study philosophy (Version 1)
- Study genetics and evolution
- Study anthropology

Electrical Engineering Study Topics

Electrical Engineering Study Topics:

Proper Headgame to Stay Focused.

Proper mindset routine for maximum success.

My Various Interests In History.

  • Prehistory, anthropology, early humankind
  • Science/Physics Development
  • Food
  • Art/Literature/Film inc the technological developments
  • Color and its use
  • Paleontology, inc Human
  • Cosmos and Space Discovery

Brian Eno's "Music for Installations"

The box set comes with a 60 page booklet containing many thoughts Eno has on music and the music he's created over the years.

His insights on music and thought and challenging the notion of what music is and is for, often with implied aspects of music not always spoken about, generated some thoughts of my own and I wanted to jot them down.


Can You Cast Granite?

If granite can melt (it can it becomes magma) [1], then can it be cast or blown like glass?

Efficiency Is Like Cooking BBQ

I find the obsession over efficiency to be a bit confusing. It's an obsession at all costs. "It doesn't matter, just be more efficient."

I used to subscribe to that ideology but I finally realized that at some point as you make your thing more efficient, it just stop being enjoyable. It's in the office doing more work faster. Or organizing your morning to squeeze one more chore in, or subscribing to some ridiculous way of studying to learn a little faster.

Russian Doll House.

Maslow's heirarchy is really interesting, it kind of lists out the tools you need to maximize your health and your life.

But it is a pyramid and it has this built in assumption that you're starting from a blank slate.

What if you aren't starting from a blank slate?

I think of working towards action is like peeling an onion, addressing each item as you work down towards the center, addressing the outside layer unlocks the next layer. From the outside in the steps might look something like this:


Animation Methods

Collecting animation techniques; things to experiment with some day:

Famous Animation Styles:

  • Classic Disney
  • Looney Tunes
  • Japanese Animation
  • tbd...

Animation Techniques/Philosophies:


Forensics at (Cosmic) Scale

The advancements in archeological forensics has made some really impressive progress lately. Here are some notes based on the large amount of talks, NOVA episodes and various documentaries I've watched this year. But first two points:

It is amazing what falls out from just asking the question: can I find x from y?


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