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Network Maps Analysis

I was interested in a genealogy of music genres using Wikipedia as a reference. I had some success, no doubt more to learn.

My first look at the data on wikipedia website was with wptools. wptools allows you to download wikipedia html and scrape data from them, for example content from info boxes.

I could have parsed that data into a linked list and then used that linked list to create a network map using GraphViz but before I had a chance to write that code I discovered dbpedia.

A Part of the Music

First there was the sound of the instrument, and it was thought that is all there was to music.

Then songs were composed and the song became a part of the music.

Then songs became segments of larger works and these compositions became a part of the music.

Then the musicians (and conductors) gave music their own interpretation and the performances they made became a part of the music.

Then the studio was invented and now the treatment of the instrument became a part of the music.

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