Fusion Ignition announcement

Some quick notes on the "Fusion Ignition" announcement.

As defined elsewhere (wikipedia) ignition is:

E_fusion_output > E_fusion_input

E_power_plant is the energy at the input of the facility.

According to the news report there was a gain of 3.15/2.05=1.54.

But E_power_plant_input is not the same as E_fusion_input:

laser input: ~300MJ
laser output: 2.05MJ
fusion output: 3.15MJ

To breakeven we will have to increase gain by a factor of 300/3.15=95.

Methods to grow your mind

  • expose yourself to the places/things/people you want to be
  • constantly expose yourself to completely different ideas and experiences
  • step outside of your routine once in a while; live a day or a week completely differently
  • learn how to think; problem solve; have effective judgment
  • audit your thought process; install the thoughts you want to have
  • take time to think efficiently and be productive
  • become familiar with thinking big; zoom out once in a while
  • take time off; spend time being creative

Apartment Noise

Rating Noise Sources in my Apartment

1 Quiet, Infrequenct or Insignificant
2 Loud, but Infrequent
3 Loud, Infrequent and disrupts activities, including work
4 Loud, Frequent and Disruptive to Health
5 Loud, Frequent and Significant Health Impact

Inside the Apartment
1 Refrigerator
1 Stove/Oven
2 Dishwasher
2 Toilet
3 Heater
1 Television/HTPC

Music Convention

Challenging music convention (for fun and engagement).


  • utility (functional sounds vs musical) (e.g. foley, film score, hold music, video game, doorbell/clock chimes, theme based music e.g. sci-fi, etc)
  • event based (e.g. religious, war, furniture/background, psychological effect, etc)
  • narrative based (e.g. subject matter of song, characters, cultures, etc)


SciFi Planet

Is it possible to have a planet with 10x surface area of earth and have a gravity that is comparable to Earth's (~1.0x)?

I want to create a scifi universe that is limited to a single planet. But the planet would have to be so large that globalization is not possible as a jet airliner flight around the world simply would not be feasible. I also want it so large that there would be so many cultures and so far away that it would force some form of localization thereby limiting true globalization. This would maintain the mystery of pre-global period in earth's history.

Temperature limits of wire/conductors

Thermal/Current limits of copper wire (embedded in FR4 or insulator):

The upper limit of a copper wire is more complicated than only the limit of the wire itself. The wire is almost always embedded in some other material with a lower smoke or burning temperature than the melting point of copper.

There are also human factors limitations

Failure points along the way to melting copper (max to min):

Pistol Squat Progression

Pistol Squat progression:

Why Warm Up?

Benefits of a good warm up

  1. Increases blood flow to muscles
  2. Increases heart rate
  3. Resets your mobility, plasticity
  4. Refreshes your Mind-Muscle connection
  5. Spot checks for injury
  6. Raises body temp

What is a good warm up?
Targets major muscle groups and joints, works in the several planes, includes rotation and is not too long.

Debugging Reference

Some ideas for debugging things:

Levels of Signal Processing.

Levels of Processing (to audio, images, video):


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