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Electrical Engineering Study Topics

Electrical Engineering Study Topics:

  1. Basic Circuit Analysis: passives, DC, AC, time vs freq, s-domain vs z-domain vs calculus
  2. Active Circuit Analysis: diodes (all kinds), BJT, MOSFET, large vs small signal analysis, op-amps
  3. Filters: basic passive, advanced passive, active, IO filters, power filters, digital (FIR vs IIR)
  4. Transmission Lines: wave theory, lossless TL, bounce diagrams, lossy TL, driving
  5. Power Sources: batteries (all kinds), solar, AC/DC, fuel cell, power modeling
  6. Power: LDO, DC-DC switching (buck, boost, flyback), PDN, power tree design, system design, grounding
  7. Amplifiers: four fundamental types, power-audio, power-rf, discrete vs op-amp, se vs diff vs instrument
  8. Analysis: noise, tolerance, sensitivity
  9. Safety: ESD, surge, lightning, E&M, EMI
  10. Converters: ADC (all kinds), DAC (all kinds)
  11. Digital: logic, timers, RTC, clocks (all kinds), clock distribution, GPIO-OD, GPIO-PP, GPIO-MCU/SoC structures
  12. Low Speed IO: CAN, I2C, UART/RS232/etc, SPI, SDIO, I2S
  13. Signal Integrity: impedance, reflections, insertion loss, crosstalk, radiation, jitter
  14. High Speed IO: LVDS, SERDES, SATA, SAS, USB, PCIe, Ethernet, MIPI/MPHY/SDI/CSI
  15. Memory: SRAM, DDR, NVRAM
  16. Storage: ROM/EEPROM, NOR, NAND, eMMC, UFS
  17. Compute: MCU, SoC, CPU, GPU, DSP, FPGA
  18. Peripherals: audio, display, optical, motors, sensors, WIFI, BLE, GPS
  19. Stackup: floor planning, breakouts, layer count, copper selection, core/prepreg selection, vias, other technology
  20. System: consumer block diagram, server block diagram, satellite block diagram

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