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2023 Architectonic

Brief Comments
Work in progress Architectonic.

The original is here.

The following objectives may be pursued:

  • Complete the architectonic
  • Organizing the skill topics in a logical order of attainment, setting metrics for achieving each milestone; thereby allowing a sense of progress and mastery
  • Writing a paragraph of text on each topic, super topic and skill topic
  • Expanding that writing into at least a page long essay; describing the concept in detail

The Architectonic...

To Be...
  • Matter
    - Composition
    - Quantity
    - Vacuum
  • Space-Time
    - Continuity
    - Persistence
    - Flow
  • Causality
    - First Cause
    - Transmutation
    - Final Cause
  • Mind
    - Thought
    - Feeling
    - Imagination
  • Experience
    - Perception
    - Awareness
    - Consciousness
  • Being
    - Introspection
    - Personhood
    - Dasein (Being qua Being)
  • Will
    - Individual
    - Independent
    - Intentional
  • Resilience
    - Grit (Resolve)
    - Fortitude
    - Inner-Strength
  • Authenticity
    - Congruence (Living What You Believe)
    - Transparency
    - Direct
To Do...
  • Spirit
    - Vitality
    - Heart
    - Courage
  • Ability
    - Mastery
    - Imagination
    - Focus
  • Purpose
    - Life's Work
    - Service of Others
    - Self-Actualization
  • Integrity
    - Body
    - Mind
    - Environment
  • Duty
    - Discipline
    - Ownership
    - Boundaries
  • Equality
    - Ends
    - Legitimacy
    - Parity
  • Justice
    - Categorical Imperative
    - Dignity
    - Good
  • Temperance
    - Moderation
    - Self-Restraint
    - Manners
  • Wisdom
    - Reason
    - Understanding
    - Judgment
To Restore...
  • Renew
    - Repair
    - Maintain
    - Clean
  • Transform
    - Change
    - Grow
    - Release
  • Transcend
    - Liberate
    - Divine
    - Sublime
  • Order
    - Heterogeneity
    - Coordination
    - Unity
  • Balance
    - Serenity (Calmed)
    - Equanimity (Centered)
    - Homeostasis (Stable)
  • Excellence (ie Philosophic End)
    - Complete
    - Consistent
    - Correct
  • Acceptance
    - Forgiveness of Others
    - Forgiveness of Self
    - Legitimacy of Self
  • Possession
    - Resent (Jealousy/Envy)
    - Uncertainty (Fear)
    - Worry (Anxiety)
  • Expectation
    - Impermanence
    - Assumption
    - Tradition
To Live...
  • Flourish
    - tbd
    - tbd
    - tbd
  • Inspire
    - Hope
    - Wonder
    - Awe
  • Joy
    - Gratitude
    - Contentment
    - Appreciate
  • Aesthetics
    - Taste
    - Desire
  • tbd
  • tbd
  • Arc of
    - Life
    - Day
    - Universe
  • History
    - Now
  • Timing
    - Timeliness
To Connect...
  • Friendship
    - Utility
    - Loyalty
  • Romance
    - Sexuality
    - Affection
    - Intimacy
    - Family
  • Filial Piety
    - Mentors
    - Parents
    - Leaders?
  • Brand
    - Style
    - Attitude
    - Reputation
  • Journey
    - Self-Talk
    - Story
    - Narrative
  • Disposition
    - Stoic
    - Friendly
    - Positive
  • Worth
    - Moral
    - Utilitarian
    - Approval
  • Esteem
    - Confidence
    - Trust
    - Honesty
  • tbd
To Give...
  • Generosity
    - Empathy
    - Kindness
    - Charity
  • Compassion
    - Mercy
    - Forgiveness
    - Redemption
  • Selfless
    - Inclusiveness
    - Hospitality
    - Consideration
  • Politics
    - Citizenship
    - Political Science
    - Law
  • Economics
  • Bureaucracy
  • Geo (Many vs Many)
    - Nation States
    - Federations
  • Community (Clubs, Fraternities, Churches, Neighborhoods, Professional, etc)
    - Teamwork
    - Leadership
    - Rights (Human, Civil, etc)
  • Teaching
    - Discernment
    - Learning
See Strategies For Thinking

**** This is as far as I've gotten. Other things to include:

  • Other
    - Shared Human Condition
    - Attention
    - Stress Regulation
    - Emotion Regulation
    - Fidelity (in a general sense)
    - switching off
    - Anti-Stubborn (something about acceptance of surroundings/events, going with the flow)
    - Integrating my past and myself to live with authenticity, confidence and be a settled man
    - Enthusiasm
    - Curiosity
    - Creativity
    - Love of Learning
    - Perspective and Angle
    - Open-Mindedness
    - Love
    - Optimism
    - Humor
    - Is Fairness the same as Parity?
    - Forgiveness
    - Humility / Sweep the Floors
    - Lemonade (Setbacks)
    - Reckless Speech
    - Prudence
    - Perfectionism/Anti-Perfectionism
    - Anti-Manipulation/Skepticism/Don't be taken advantage of
    - Complaining/Speaking Ill of Others/etc
  • Identity
  • Time
  • Living Life
  • Service
  • Value Ethics
  • Aesthetics
  • Society
    - We live in a society!
  • What I Don't Know I Don't Know

I've created a map of the tree:

A short exposition on the meaning of each section.

To Be...
At its simplest: the universe and being in it. Beliefs about the construction, order and operation of the universe. Theory of mind, the nature of consciousness. Being and struggle. Finding your place and being authentic. I believe in a causal, mechanical (and quantum) universe in which humans are rational, conscious beings with a limited form of free will (i.e. underpinned by physics). Humans choose to be persons and we are bound together in an existential struggle and common purpose.

Time, space, matter and the physics that dictates structure and behavior of the universe. Fundamentally metaphysics are statements about existence, reality and truth. This become a foundation and first principles for all other knowledge and informs everything including ethics, politics and aesthetics. I commit to becoming knowledgeable, understanding the physical world as well as possible and a steadfast acceptance of fact.

Mind, the faculties of the mind and consciousness. The intersection of self and perception, data and the limits of knowing. Being and the awareness of being. That we are rational, conscious entities in the world. It's the choice to accept the responsibility of personhood.

That we are individual, rational, autonomous beings thrust into the world and the responsibility to say yes to the struggle. Not turning away and remaining steadfast against the challenge and obstacle of life and to do this while remaining true to your own self.

To Do...
Action, accomplishment and making your way in the world. It's the consequence of accepting that you are a being in the world and that to exist one needs to find purpose. It's a decision to make your way in a responsible, just and virtuous way. It's also the acknowledgment that you are one of many and that respect is the foundation of all interaction with others.

Your ability to do work in this world. This can range from technical skill to the desire to achieve some goal. Embedded in this is your purpose and your life's goal. Universal purpose is to master the self (body and mind), to master their chosen craft, to raise and nurture family, build and support community and to protect and nurture our planet.

Respect is a property underlying all interactions with others, including the self. It is the foundation of all interactions between humans. The premise of respect is based on honoring the needs of others, honoring the social contract and allowing space for all to operate in the world. Respect is also a promise to live up to your personal standards and to ensure that you are also given the space you need to be your authentic self. This is allowed by creating a platform of parity, legitimacy and most of all treating others as ends rather than means.

Ambition and drive must be tempered by good will and respect for environment and limited resources. Virtue is that tempering factor. Justice establishes the good and dignity that a person's behavior should embody. Wisdom gives us the insight to make good decisions that maximize our outcomes and give proper respect to each person's needs and desires. Finally we temper our behavior by acting with self-restraint and manners.

To Restore...
Living requires care, maintenance and the opportunity to be healthy. Beyond care a sense of balance and order is necessary to avoid injury or damage to one's mind and body. Liberation and transcendence are the goal of restoration. And for damage that has already occurred: time spent to clean out old wounds and allow them to heal.

The provision of health, welfare and maintenance of the mind and body. It is a restorative process to return the self to top form after the hard work of life and pursuing one's purpose. This starts with the basics of hygiene and includes maintaining fitness, diet and health. It is both proactive and reactive, as needed. Beyond the body the mind needs the opportunity to grow and rest and to release that which is unnecessary or unhealthy. All this moves your being towards a state of transcendence and liberation. It's a path towards the divine.

Harmony could be called balance, but is more than that. It is listening to yourself and making sure none of your needs go unmet for too long, that none of your responsibilities become neglected. It is providing order and organization to your life, then guiding it towards peace and calm. Homeostasis, tranquility and serenity can be achieved with harmony. To accomplish this one must be a student of philosophy. A complete philosophy is consistent, complete and correct.

Attachment is the antithesis of care and balance. It does not allow homeostasis. Acceptance is removing resistance to fact, to history. Possession is holding on to that which cannot be owned. Expectation is requiring something to be which is not guaranteed to be so.

To Live...
Attitude (likable, affable, cheery, etc)


To Give...

To Connect...

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