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Trappings of Corporate Socialization

Corporations are powerful, useful and fascinating inventions full of the trappings of humans and are the embodiment of some of the tensions of what it is to be a person. They can be safe. They can be ruthless. Some people bristle at the thought of a cube farm and I think some people prefer the safety of a corporate environment.

Objective, de-emotional, business partnerships are an effective way of completing work. But they are not fulfilling. They are the basis of corporate structure and they basically enable corporations to work. Groups of people where personal connections are not formed allow for easy ad hoc formation and dissolving of teams and re-orgs; redefinition of people as roles allows for predictable interactions and 'no strings attached' interactions with others; etc.

This isolation and dehumanization of groups of peoples will ultimately prevent emotional growth despite the fact that there is evidence to the contrary. What do I mean? I personally have experienced considerable growth as a person as a direct result of working in large corporations. But I have also felt and experienced the objectification that Marx described years ago. And I can tell that limits me to specific interactions with others; where deep personal connection and experience with others is implicitly prohibited.

At its worst a corporation saves them from the responsibility of having to engage with people as humans. They can avoid the messiness and discomfort. They can avoid themselves. At its best it allows you to raise a family and retire. You can use it as a tool to better yourself, master your craft and help your community.

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