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open projects list (no matter how small)

open projects list (no matter how small):

- philosophy study
- architectonic and personal development project
- perfect pen study
- forgiveness

- safety and security training (inc survival skills)
- retirement and FIRE
- build side gigs and multiple alternate sources of income

- hygiene tools exploration
- physical fitness
- self-care (sleep, diet, breath, mind/meditate)
- protein shake and powder studies

- build a personal brand
- wardrobe refresh (v3)

- glass skills
- glass tool collection
- product photography
- art theory study (beginning with a study of color)
- glass color study

- making skills (wood,metal,plastic,textile,etc)
- screen printing (tshirts, paper prints, glass powder, etc)
- pigment, color science, color glass and color ink
- paper making and paper technology
- textiles research and development

- new home; furnish and decorate; stock; design room by room
- homesteading/self sufficiency

- citizen science project(s)
- astronomy and astronomy photography
- engineering and physics
- engineering design checklist (next rev)

- leadership development
- career development

- new home theater
- new homelab expansion
- Debian upgrade project
- graphics hw study
- storage hw study
- plex refresh and copyright file elimination project

- food history and food science
- breakfast study + cookbook
- cooking/baking
- drink/beer/tequila study

- music collection and archive
- musical instrument
- percussion, portable sequencers, piano, guitar
- music exploration

- world travels
- literature study
- history study
- film study
- video game history

- environment + sustainability + fair trade (esp agriculture and food, power grid and transport of all types)
- garden/orchard (e.g. chilis, citrus, etc)
- end disease
- end hunger
- end dependency

- restoring democracy and trust and American prosperity
- citizenship project
- freedom of information + copyright reform + knowledge democratization + technology archive project

- comms/relationships (friendship)
- comms/relationships (romance)
- comms/relationships (community)
- learning Spanish
- learning Chinese
- serving the community
- making change for humanity/living in the service of others

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