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How I Spend Every Day

I lead a pretty structured life. You'd think all that discipline would be productive but I am currently debugging why most of my goals for 2018 are unfinished.

Besides eating, sleeping, working and traveling (for which I reserve 2+8+8+2=20hrs) this is how I spend part of every day:

  • Contribution to Society (10hrs)
    • Working 480m
    • Traveling 120m
  • Mind & Body I (10hrs)
    • Eating 120m
    • Sleeping 480m
  • Mind & Body II (1.17hrs)
    • Workout 30m
    • Meditate 20m
    • Hygiene 20m
  • Beaurocracy (0.83hr)
    • Cleanup House 5m
    • Email/Messages 15m
    • Business Mgmt 15m
    • News/Finances 15m
  • Current Projects (2hrs)
    • Philosophy/History 30m
    • Spanish 30m
    • Guitar 30m
    • Glassblowing 30m

Total: 1440m (24hrs)

Here are some optional interests/hobbies of mine:

  • Listen to podcasts/news
  • Listen to new/old music
  • Watch Youtube/Vimeo/new media
  • Watch a movie

Much of my travel time is on transit, so I have the opportunity to at least consume youtube if not podcasts, but primarily I can catch up on email or read.

Weekends get extra time for:

  • House Maintenance 60m
  • Extra study time 105m
  • Long term planning 15m
  • Glassblowing 300m
  • Socializing 180m
  • Business Mgmt 180m

One future goal (read: expectation) is that I will raise a family and I expect to have at least 2 hours per day to accomplish this. If I can spend an hour of my meals and I can sop up some of my productive time during transit, I should have ample time to properly raise and educate my child(ren).


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