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I have been using KMyMoney for almost 10 years. It never occurred to me until recently that there might be something new, something better. Is there? What could they offer that KMyMoney does not? I've always considered KMyMoney to be pretty good, let's see what these solutions can do.

The top 2 solutions I could find are Personal Capital and Mint. Mint is focused on day to day spending and money management at its core with investing as an afterthought. Personal Capital is fairly new but is supposed to be focused on investments. Fidelity also provides similar services on top of their extensive investment offerings, but it pales in comparison so I've left it off for now.

Both softwares are remarkable in their ability to automatically rollup many online accounts, dive deep inside and present that data in the form of usable graphs and information. Mint provides great monitoring features, budgeting features but lacks the insight and investment support that Personal Capitol provides. Personal Capitol does not have Bill Pay and neither can provide any insight into taxes.

KMyMoney is very flexible, but it is very manual at times and it has weak reporting. And because it is offline it has little or no monitoring facilities. The support for investing is a bit weak.


Service Score
Mint 52 of 72
KMyMoney 27 of 72
Personal Capital 41 of 72


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