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Beersworth Chart

How much are you really drinking? How much alcohol is in that 7oz pour of stout? Did you just hammer a bomber of IPA and want to know what you've gotten yourself into? Use this chart to find out.

1 beer = 12oz @ 5%

(And just for kicks a 16oz pour of Firestone-Walker Union Jack is also added.)

I Don't Believe in Dark Matter

I think dark matter is an awful explanation for an explanation of the "missing matter" problem. We can't see it? Oh it must be invisible?!? Lame.

I have another idea and it is much more simple. It starts with the basic question: What if the gravitational effects come from beyond the edge of our universe?

A couple of points of evidence and a concept appropriated from astronomy:

Analysis of Hard Drive Latencies and its Impact on Performance.

I originally wrote this in college, a couple of years ago. I wrote how solid state drives would improve computer performance and wanted to update this article now that multi-core processors and solid state harddrives (SSD) have become a reality.

Green Living

Just some notes I made on green living. Not particularly interesting, but I wanted to keep them so I might as well publish.

Goal: No impact living, which means living in an environment without having any impact, positive or negative. This also means energy and oil independence and foreign independence. This has the benefit of reducing pollution and smog, mitigating global warming, reducing habitat destruction and creating a more robust economy.

Solution: Reduce energy usage, waste, consumption, be a selective consumer, and use only renewable resources.


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