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Fitness Tracking

One of the biggest difficulties I have getting fit is the lack of metrics on progress. I have no way of knowing whether or not a workout is effective or whether or not I'm making good use of my time. Fitness trackers are available now although most of them only track footsteps which to me is useless (maybe I'm wrong).

In addition I also have a terrible time getting quality sleep. I wish there were a device that could monitor and debug my sleeping difficulties.

Beyond health and fitness I can also have a desire to monitor my body for disease (or symptoms thereof). Be able to catch things early. Also capturing a suite of metrics over a long time period would be extremely valuable to doctors.

Lastly a suite of metrics needs to be integrated to provide whole system feedback to the user. Being able to predict potential issues, give guidance or teach users why something occurred so they can modify their behavior.

I came up with my own list of things to track. On the left are basic metrics. These metrics in theory could be easily implemented with current technology. Many already have. On the right are more detailed metrics, things that will be quite difficult to implement. Think Star Trek.

Essential Complete
Body Composition: Lean vs Fat Bone, Temperature
Activity, Calories Burned, Metabolism, Heart Rate, O2 Ph level, Sports Performance, Efficiency, Digestion
Water, Caloric, O2 Intake Food (fat, carb, protein, vitamin, minerals, alcohol, caffeine), Hydration and Electrolyte Level, Air Quality (O2, CO2, toxins, etc)
Sunlight, Sleep/Wake Circadian Rhythm, Sleep Quality
Mood, Stress Level Biological Age, Biological Clocks, Hormone Levels
Disease CNS, organs, immune system, hormonal, genetic

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