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Is The Path To General AI Clear?

A lot of progress has been made in AI lately. Any application that could benefit from automation or benefits from increasing the amount of data you can process has had some kind of AI attached to it. Because automation requires intelligence to work discussion about robots involves AI as well. Automotive, finance, internet searches, music channels, advertising and product suggestions, news sites, lots of business apps that require decision making, etc.

Does Population Dictate GDP per Capita?

I have been learning how to use Google Sheets analytical tools (including the Statistics and Merge Sheets plugin) and while practicing I thought it would be the perfect time to answer a question I have been wanting to know: does population dictate GDP per capita?

The steps were as follows:

Pace of Technology

I remember growing up and in my home my family would frequently encounter the difficulties or annoyances of life and remark, "if only someone would invent a thing to". Sometimes we wished for straight up science fiction but most of the time we wished for things that, with some effort, could be made to happen.

Most people would say that the 80s and 90s were marked with the rapid introduction of computer technology. But I'd argue that it was also marked with total stagnation in just about every single already mature industry, particularly for end users.


I am almost all the way through Ken Burn's "Vietnam". I've watched every episode twice and I am blown away at how visceral, gritty and real it feels from my couch. And it has changed me.

Multi Party System

The American 2 party system is long due for a replacement. Something that allows voice, change and something other than the words "Democrat" and "Republican" which essentially have become fairly vague and meaningless.

But I love enjoy the drama and the process of electing US Presidents. I don't consider it a handicap that we have a long time to get to know the candidates.

But I have thought of a system that would fix our election system while keeping the best parts. As it turns out it is almost exactly like the European systems I've seen:

Starting to See it

Character Flaws:
- Bigotry: business as usual
- Racism: business as usual

International Issues:
- Middle East: democrats seen as weak on ISIS
- Russia: democrats/republicans seen as obstinate on Russia
- NATO: staunch supporters of NATO, a broken organization
- Border Control: the northern migration seen as disregard for law with no attempt to uphold the law

Resecuring Democracy

I think democracy is losing ground in America. I'm not very optimistic about the prospects because it was imperfect to begin with and the last couple years it has lost some ground. Some of these seem out of reach altogether.

Moments of Weakness

It can be tough for a man to change his mind once he speaks. But not his thoughts. But isn't a journal a place for thoughts? A journal should be the only place a man can state something only to change his mind later.

But look at the Mark Twain journals. He poured his heart out (to the shock of readers) and it's cast him in a different light. Like we never knew the real Mark Twain. It's assumed that the things he wrote he believed for all time. He hasn't given the opportunity for growth, fleeting feelings, etc.

Science of relationships Part II

Pondering science of people again. What are the building blocks of relationships? What are the fundamental concepts of communication? Then it occurred to me that the relationship between politics, interpersonal relationships and all possible communications can be described simply as below:

Little World

I wonder what it was like to be alive hundreds of years ago, without phone, internet, news. When the only thing you knew was in a ten mile circle around you, the city you live in and the micro-society that lied therein. But also there were no maps and everyone else was just like you: they knew only the world they grew up in and nothing of yours.

Your little world would have been so unique and special. And so precious knowing every little thing about your corner of the universe.


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