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Brian Eno's "Music for Installations"

The box set comes with a 60 page booklet containing many thoughts Eno has on music and the music he's created over the years.

His insights on music and thought and challenging the notion of what music is and is for, often with implied aspects of music not always spoken about, generated some thoughts of my own and I wanted to jot them down.

Although he has innovated in many aspects of the traditional definition of music (e.g. timbre, texture, rthythm, beat, melody, harmony, dynamics and style) and even more of aspects that surround the analysis of music itself (e.g. composition, production, performance and improv, and especially instruments and treatment of instruments), there are three aspects of music that Eno has really challenged in ways that were always there but not really explored until he made it the focus of his work: interaction, utility and period.

And so I drew up these three concepts and put them on a three dimensional coordinate system. It would be interesting to plot out some examples of sound, music, etc sometime.

Note 1: It would be equally interesting to explore more the different concepts of performance and treatment of instrumentation).
Note 2: I have already explored production and what is an instrument here.


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