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Biology & Evolution

Selection, Levels.

Anyone who has read Darwin knows that evolution can be broken down into 3 basic ideas: inheritence, selection, and change. What evolves, is the organism. But where, exactly, that evolution takes place has always been debated. For almost 200 years scientists have argued the where of inheritence. Today it is known that the primary item of inheritence is DNA. DNA is passed from parent to child, ad infinitum. Some (like Dawkins) take a hard line approach to this and exclude anything but DNA as the item of inheritance. But, there are other alternative theories.

Flying Over The Tops Of Trees, Part I.

I don't understand why people get so bent out of shape on the subject of evolution. Merely mentioning the word causes turned heads or looks of disgust or judgment. Even those who express genuine interest in the subject often have wrong or even harmful understandings of the subject. Fact is, biology is so complicated that in order to understand it you must commit yourself to a study of biology and evolution. It is important to study evolution when learning biology. Evolution provides the context under which biology operates.


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