Gadgetry Evolution

The problem most people have is making the choice of what gadgets to carry with them. Already carrying an mp3 player and a cell phone is cumbersome. That is a compromise of what you could be carrying, thus there is a push towards greater integration of function into devices.

The best solution, functionally, is a laptop. It is the general, all purpose, everything available platform. But it's cumbersome, too. And it doesn't make for a good cell phone and is not as portable as a cell phone (concealability, culture trend, cost, etc.)

Analysis of Hard Drive Latencies and its Impact on Performance.

I originally wrote this in college, a couple of years ago. I wrote how solid state drives would improve computer performance and wanted to update this article now that multi-core processors and solid state harddrives (SSD) have become a reality.

Green Living

Just some notes I made on green living. Not particularly interesting, but I wanted to keep them so I might as well publish.

Goal: No impact living, which means living in an environment without having any impact, positive or negative. This also means energy and oil independence and foreign independence. This has the benefit of reducing pollution and smog, mitigating global warming, reducing habitat destruction and creating a more robust economy.

Solution: Reduce energy usage, waste, consumption, be a selective consumer, and use only renewable resources.

Power Theory: The Distribution Network

After completing my research on real devices, I was ready to tackle power systems. I chose to start at the top and work my way down to the details. This article discusses power systems from a top level view and then explains how to design a power distribution network. We don't consider power system design, feedback or control here. The focus will be on the power distribution network. Almost everything I talk about here I learned from my colleagues.

The Finance Equation

If you think you have your finances in order, think again. I am the best money handler I know and "Personal Finance for Dummies" still taught me a few things! It is an excellent book on personal finance, planning, insurance and investment planning.

Using this book I put together an equation which summarizes the inflow and outflow of money. It's not difficult to understand and for me helped me visualize how to best spend my money.


A Basic Education In Electronics, OR How Real Devices Work

Most books on electronics theory treat the subject of passives in the following way:

A Better U.S. Constitution

Our Constitution is a pretty good one. It helped form the first (modern) free nation on earth and set an example for the rest of the world. It rewrote the book on government and put free men on the map. But, our Constitution could use an update. Why you say? It turns out that 200 years of this democratic republic has revealed a few flaws unforeseeable by our founding fathers. Many countries in Europe and Latin America have learned from our mistakes and have implemented changes in their own democracies.

The Ultimate Keyboard

Engadget reviewed perhaps the craziest keyboard ever created. A keyboard the likes of which have never been seen before. The keyboard of keyboards, the Optimus Maximus. Featured here as well, this bad boy features a built in display in every key, a couple USB ports, an SD card and a very clean look. The key displays are of course programmable and feature a frame rate of 10fps.

Game Theory and Why Nobody Does Their Job

I have a very specific problem at work: the power engineers refuse to assist me. Well I can't say refuse, more like "only help me begrudgingly and only if they absolutely have to and even then very little." Why? It's their task to work on the power circuits of my boards. And why not? The problems on my board are relatively small compared to other problems (e.g. bugs and such). Well, part of the problem is management, and the other part is time.

Theory of Speciation; History of Life

I read Gould's "Structure of Evolutionary Theory" and I was relieved to see that the there are others who are struck with the same problem with Darwin that I have. The thing that doesn't add up in "Origin of Species" is slow gradual evolution couldn't work during extinction events. More specifically, the period afterwards when the environment has radically changed and that all living things are somehow expected to slowly catch up. The life timescale is far shorter than the evolutionary timescale. If that were true, the species would become extinct.


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