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Fragmentation of Our Country

I've noticed a new type grass roots organization lately. Across all levels of government and in communities a very distinct type of activism.

For example:

  • Legalizing the sale of marijuana when it is still a federal offense.
  • States that refuse to implement Obamacare.
  • States that refuse to accept gay marriage is protected by law.
  • A religious group rallies to vote members of their church into the school board and effectively control it.
  • Developing a community money pool to ignore some minor laws.

At all levels there is an attempt to bypass the system in order to change a community the way they see fit. Most seem like really good ideas (although some are obviously corrupt). But this type of activism is not designed to correct a system. It is designed to bypass or cripple the existing system.

People have given up on government, law and the rule of law. In the US government is corrupt and broken. And people are fed up. It doesn't matter if you are rich or middle class, people are taking matters into their own hands and are no longer attempting to correct the system, they are simply looking to disrupt it and bypass it. I can see how it would be easier to get things done this way.

The result is a step by step fragmentation of society. Invisible walls are going up, not by intent, but by consequence. Individuals, families, communities,local and state governments have stopped asking, "what is good for all" and started asking, "what can I do for myself". It's death by a thousand improvements.

I fear the end result will be a failed government either by disintegration or by becoming so completely impotent that it is unable to enforce any laws.

It reminds me of the city-states in Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash.

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