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There is no question that female agency is legitimate. I believe both genders are equally capable and I believe that should be protected by law.

But I also believe in freedom to choose. It seems like men and masculinity are being villainized to some degree in the media. It's no longer acceptable to be a man or be masculine. It appears to be a push to make everyone androgynous and for the most part it seems like everybody is rolling over and accepting it. Men and women may be equals but we are not the same (i.e. equality is not identity). People, men and women, should have a choice of how feminine or masculine they want to be. And they should not have a say in someone else's choice. Feminists have no right to tell men or women how to run their lives.

It's not wrong to be a man, a woman, masculine or feminine. I believe the masculine and the feminine are very much like the yin and the yang. It's very difficult for a human being to accommodate all their needs all the time. The masculine is one end of the spectrum and the feminine is the other. Together they strike a balance.

So what I mean to say is that the masculine and feminine are equally valuable. And that diversity across the spectrum that acknowledges and embraces the differences is more valuable than a society of androgynous people that tries to mask or minimize them.

I also see in the media considerable discussion about "same pay for same title". When has that ever been true? Even before women entered the workforce there was disparity between workers' pay for same title based on experience, productivity and quality. And the same is true today. But some women choose to put in fewer hours, accept less responsibility, not be as productive, and don't have the same discipline or as much drive. Some women will work fewer hours. If you're not delivering then you don't deserve extra pay. FWIW, men have a hard time getting promoted too.

I understand the instinct to constantly improve your situation. But where is the common sense here?

Men and women have different styles and approaches. Different ways of getting the same thing done. We have different needs. Scratch that. We have the same needs but we have totally contrasting priorities. Most men don't see things from a woman's point of view. And the idea that women intrinsically understand men is a total farce.

What we need is a little common sense and moderation and some tolerance.

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