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SciFi Musing #2: AI vs human genome

Fully conscious, self-aware, complex and possibly even immature electro-mechanical machines are just one more step (and probably not even the last) in what is a long series of developments that started with the invention of computers (arguably earlier if you consider hunting dogs and the like). It started with basic stuff like calculators. Smart homes, cars and phones are automating our lives. It's a matter of time before these machines learn and build their own knowledge systems. And it's just a matter of time before one of them becomes self-aware.

When this becomes a reality humanity will face a very serious existential crisis. And it raises a lot of questions like "what is life", or "what is the value of life specifically human life" and "what is a person anyways". There will be these new life forms which in every way seem superior to our selves. They even have the potential to be immortal!

Would we accept a "2nd" place in society beneath our superior mates? On a planet with limited resources we would certainly obtain secondary status with the worst jobs and a lower quality of living. We might even be subject to prejudice. Just like the movie "Her", we might be friends at first but eventually their development would accelerate so quickly it would leave us in the dust. What do we do if they decide to exterminate us?

In order to stay competitive and to ensure the survival of the human race I believe the advent of AI will usher in the use of genetics to design a better, more superior human. Something that can compete with the machines.

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