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Attitudes Towards Having Emotions

I've noticed (anecdotally of course so take this with a grain of salt) that men and women have a completely different approach to feeling emotion. It fits well with the yin/yang model of the masculine and feminine.

In my observation, women tend to be more acutely aware of their emotions, knowing exactly they are feeling moment to moment while men do not spend as much time developing this skill. Women seem to be very accepting of their emotions and rarely unaware of their emotional state. Emotion is a rollercoaster with different highs and lows. They are acutely aware but, they don't fight it either. They just accept it and go along for the ride.

Men however would prefer not to have difficult emotions or have to deal with anything that they are not in complete control of. It's a part of our conditioning that we should master everything especially our emotions. It's not that we don't want emotions, but rather that if in total mastery of my life, at the top of my game, then we would always be in a zen like state of bliss. We'd prefer to have just a few of the good emotions, decided on beforehand, and throw out the rest. The key here is not supressing the bad ones, it's having our own emotional makeup in accord with our ideals so that our purpose, responsibilities, etc align with what we enjoy, our sense of good, etc. Men hammer and forge our emotions until they are completely under the will of our cerebral, logical self.

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