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Jotting down some ideas for a dream home:

General Overview:

  1. Enough land to be outside with some privacy to sit, study, work or play
  2. Enough land to work it, to grow food and other sustainability projects especially citrus and chiles
  3. A giant barn to work on projects
  4. A home with clearly separated private and guest/entertainment areas
  5. Art, video and light installations; lots of materials making use of texture, color, angle and light
  6. Contemporary design, very open and efficient
  7. Meet my integrity goals (sustainability, security, safety, health, productivity, ethics)
  8. It should generate value to the immediate community
  9. It should generate income
  10. A forest, desert or mountain view


  1. A large deck or open area to entertain when it's warm
  2. An comfortable and fun indoor area just for guests to hang out
  3. Many large window areas with nice views, particularly peaceful views
  4. Professional kitchen
  5. Home theater room
  6. Office space to get work done, hold meetings, should be professional
  7. Reading room
  8. Guest and private sleeping areas
  9. Home automation with a light and transparent touch
  10. Structure does not need to be large, but it should give a feeling of wide open expanses particularly the entrance
  11. Billiard table

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