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Hierarchy of Integrity

I've been thinking a lot lately about health, safety and security. I think originally I was interested in studying ideas around the environment and the environment's impact on me and also my impact on the environment. My focus here was on capturing all the possible bad things that can happen and then how to mitigate, detect and prevent them. But unexpectedly I found that it also tied in with another hot topic for me lately: respect and integrity.

After sketching out a bunch of different concepts on paper the idea of arranging them into a chart. The idea was to list the concepts from myself outwards, with the furthest out concepts being widest or most abstract or really just more impersonal (i.e. having the largest effect on society). I cannot be overstated how similar this is to Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

The following chart is what I came up with:

Sustainability: production, consumption and waste
Safety: Disaster, Fire, Chemical, Biological, Hygiene
Security: Physical, Digital
Material: Resource and Tool, Financial, Physical Health
Perceptual: Data, Transparency
Cognitive: Respect, Purpose, Morals (formally titled Productive)

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