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Resecuring Democracy

I think democracy is losing ground in America. I'm not very optimistic about the prospects because it was imperfect to begin with and the last couple years it has lost some ground. Some of these seem out of reach altogether.

  • Voting Access: Access to voting and voter rights have taken a step back in the last year or two.
  • Gerrymandering: Lines are being drawn to prevent certain groups or certain parts from winning any representation.
  • Party System: The two party system has always been fascinating, but the fact that you must run under one party or the other is ridiculous. One party per platform. Anybody can vote for any party and the Primary/General election be replaced with a General/Runoff style system.
  • Term Limits: Modest term limits of say, 12-20 years be imposed on all members of Congress.
  • Petition: Greater access to local representatives and the ability to organize and discuss issues.
  • Citizens United: At the same time the access of some and the influence of others be reduced.
  • Electoral College Reform: Representational election of our President is necessary. A proportional electoral college (still 538) would provide 10x the resolution and eliminate the rural bias. This is a good compromise and preserves the values of our republic while providing a more just representation. This would also give a boost to a multi party system.
  • Digital Bubble: We finally achieved targeted advertising and targeted entertainment and it has left us of a bubble that doesn't give us any exposure to multiple view points.
  • False Advertisements: While simultaneously we are being bombarded with fake news and many people cannot tell the difference.

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