Treatment of Home Theater DACs

In a hifi setup, what is the best place to locate the DAC?

The key requirements are:

  • Upgradeability
  • Compatibility
  • Absolute quality

When the components are broken down into their respective functions the upgradability improves. Initially the cost goes up due to chassis costs, additional test time, etc. But down the road each function can be upgraded while the rest stays in place.

Compatibility is obtained by choosing gear that uses standard outputs and adheres to well known standards.

Science of relationships Part II

Pondering science of people again. What are the building blocks of relationships? What are the fundamental concepts of communication? Then it occurred to me that the relationship between politics, interpersonal relationships and all possible communications can be described simply as below:

Little World

I wonder what it was like to be alive hundreds of years ago, without phone, internet, news. When the only thing you knew was in a ten mile circle around you, the city you live in and the micro-society that lied therein. But also there were no maps and everyone else was just like you: they knew only the world they grew up in and nothing of yours.

Your little world would have been so unique and special. And so precious knowing every little thing about your corner of the universe.

Daily Watch

I'm interested in a new watch. This will be my daily wear. Thought I would document the process until I arrived at a choice.


What is the science behind relationships?

Is there a theory of relationships? Any science at all of what a relationship is, what kinds there are and how to create them? It's as bad as science of leadership and business.

I propose this hierarchy as a start:

Early thoughts on forgiveness, justice.

I found this short essay in a journal. I believe I wrote it in 2010. I have made no attempt to modify except for spelling errors. It is interesting to compare my earlier views on justice and forgiveness to my views now. Most amusing is my discovery of the ego which I define as 'personalization'. The influence of Kant, Nietzsche and Enright seem obvious.

Pope's Encyclical for 2016

I have found it quite a challenge while shopping to choose products that are ethical, healthy and sustainable. For one, it's hard to remember everything and second the information is not always available. I can improve the second by picking places to shop that list this type of information and hopefully this entry will help me wrap my head around the first.

Fitness Tracking

One of the biggest difficulties I have getting fit is the lack of metrics on progress. I have no way of knowing whether or not a workout is effective or whether or not I'm making good use of my time. Fitness trackers are available now although most of them only track footsteps which to me is useless (maybe I'm wrong).

In addition I also have a terrible time getting quality sleep. I wish there were a device that could monitor and debug my sleeping difficulties.

The Pope's Encyclical Letter

The Pope was released an ENCYCLICAL LETTER to the public regarding the document. It's generated a lot of press coverage and I find myself quite moved by it. The language is beautiful and the arguments are quite sound. I have yet to read the full version (saving for my next long flight) but I jotted down some notes.

Fragmentation of Our Country

I've noticed a new type grass roots organization lately. Across all levels of government and in communities a very distinct type of activism.

For example:

  • Legalizing the sale of marijuana when it is still a federal offense.
  • States that refuse to implement Obamacare.
  • States that refuse to accept gay marriage is protected by law.
  • A religious group rallies to vote members of their church into the school board and effectively control it.
  • Developing a community money pool to ignore some minor laws.


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