Is pain a spandrel?

Is pain an evolutionary evolved feature?

I can see the usefulness of a warning system that allows injury to be detected, mitigated and protected so the body can repair.

And for that it is very effective: any injury to the skin or flesh wounds are detectable, can be protected and will eventually heal.

2017 Architectonic

I wrote the original architectonic to structure and order the entirety of my philosophical beliefs. There is also have a grander goal of structuring and ordering the entirety of philosophical thought by encapsulating every thought concept into an outline. An architectonic. It's not easy, there are a lot of concepts that are similar or overlap and for every positive concept there is also a negative concept that might be left out of an outline like this.

Starting to See it

Character Flaws:
- Bigotry: business as usual
- Racism: business as usual

International Issues:
- Middle East: democrats seen as weak on ISIS
- Russia: democrats/republicans seen as obstinate on Russia
- NATO: staunch supporters of NATO, a broken organization
- Border Control: the northern migration seen as disregard for law with no attempt to uphold the law

Modern AVR Topology

A lot of discussion in the hobbiest forums on the correct implementation of AVR firmware after it was discovered that the maker of my AVR might have completely botched the implementation of their mixer software, the result being that equalizers end up being applied to the wrong channels and that some channels are set to the wrong volume level or sometimes don't even work.

Correcting A Broken Google Play Games Installation on Nvidia Shield TV with accounts using Google Suite

Some time ago I had some kind of error or corruption with my Google Play Games on my Nvidia Shield TV console. I am also a Google Suite (GSuite) subscriber which adds additional constraints. Any time I chose to log into google games the system would log in but then the game could not detect the log in. It was odd and I knew the issue was probably a local error. As it turns out there are a lot of hidden secrets that you need to check / setup before it all works. And any games you've played so far will probably lose their unsynced data.

Data Storage Solution: Backup & Cloud

Data Availability
Data is usually made available by two means: reliability and ports of entry (i.e. redundancy).

Effort has been made to buy reliable hardware. Top of the line SSD, motherboard, memory, CPU and power supplies are used in the server.

Data is made redundant by providing multiple on-line copies of data. This is achieved primarily through a RAID1 mirror and protects against bad sectors and disk failures.

At some point I should add a small UPS to protect against power outages and brown outs.

Data Storage Solution: Rationale

Time to upgrade my ailing, 99% filled 350GB spinning disk mirror.

There were several end user requirements:

Data Storage Solution: Hardware & OS

This entry covers the technical details of the implementation.

I approached this by breaking down the stack into individual steps and then I conduct performance, security and data management reviews.

The Physical Stack

  • Storage Devices
  • Storage Controller
  • Server
  • Network
  • Site
  • User

Resecuring Democracy

I think democracy is losing ground in America. I'm not very optimistic about the prospects because it was imperfect to begin with and the last couple years it has lost some ground. Some of these seem out of reach altogether.


An actionable definition of self-respect is sorely missing from the general public, academic and religious literature, philosophy, everywhere. By this I mean a useful understanding of what self-respect is, how it can be obtained and the positive consequences and advantage of having it. In addition literature often confuses self-esteem and self-respect without properly distinguishing between the two.


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